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Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

Beautiful Park

By Rara

Once upon a time there was a King Farrel and the Queen Kya. They had kids were Princess Rara and Princess Dhillah. They had knight Sir Rizky and Sir Athaya.
One day Princess Rara and Princess Dhillah ask to their parent to play with the other kids out of the castle.
“Mother and father, may we play out with others kids?”
“No my darling!” said The King. “Because it is too dangerous for you”.
Princess Rara and Princess Dhillah just go to their room. They feel sad. Than they read a book.
King and Queen decide to make a beautiful park for their Princesses and the other kids to play. Everyone in the castle help to make a park except the kids.
The kids got surprise when they saw the park. There was a swings, seesaws slides, water fall and swimming pool.
“Oh thank you so much mother. It is so beautiful park!” said the princesses
now the princess can play with their neighbors and had many friends. And they lived happily ever after.

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